Breaking down life skills into five core areas of independence.


As a program, we have broken down life skills into 5 core areas of focus. By intentionally breaking down these skills into 5 areas we are better able to apply appropriate supports for development of becoming a well-rounded and independent individual. We streamline these 5 Core areas through all aspects of the program.

Social Skills

Developing strong social communication skills and engaging in a stronger understanding of self, allows for relationships with others to develop more naturally in a community setting.

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Home Living Skills

Increasing positive habits within the home environment and within daily living routines, that allow for a more independent lifestyle and set up for success in the other core areas of independence.

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Health and Wellness

Building strong routines in areas of personal wellbeing such as medication management, doctors’ appointments, and physical education.

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Money Management

Developing confidence through organizational tools and practical implementation that encourages positive money management as well as identifying areas needing continuing support.
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Vocational Skills

Identifying a broader range of basic employment skills while strengthening the skills and interests that the individual already has.

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Learn the skills needed to live the life wanted.