Our Program

Beacon Transitions provides a safe, family-like living environment that encourages self-determination and creative independence. Our mission is to enable our residents to transition towards independent living through instruction in 5 key areas:


Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Health and Wellness

Money Management

Home Living Skills

Vocational Skills


As parents and educators are aware, generalization of skills is a common difficulty for people on the autism spectrum. A skill learned in one context,  i.e. a classroom, does not always transfer to other settings.  Beacon Transitions is designed to allow our residents to practice skills in a variety of settings and in progressively independent contexts. By designing our program in this way, we have  the ability to ensure that the skills we are teaching are transferred to different living environments.


Juggling the many responsibilities of young adult life is not easy for anyone, regardless of ability. Our residents benefit from a comprehensive coaching system in which they help to identify goals that will lead each of them towards their most independent life. The coaching staff have regular meetings with the clients in the program to monitor progress and adjust goals accordingly. Our residents engage in transition planning from their very first day and work in a highly supportive environment to make their dreams achievable.


Whether it is reading a paycheck, cooking a nutritious meal, or navigating a college bureaucracy; our diverse team of experienced coaches will be there to guide our clients towards success and independence!