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Beacon Transitions is an intentional living community created by professionals knowledgeable in supporting young adults as they master the skills necessary for independence or a college experience. Through our program, students are offered an opportunity to work diligently toward independence and to develop a detailed plan for their life after our program. Many of our students struggle with executive functioning and social skill challenges associated with Asperger's, ADHD, and related social skill needs or learning differences. The community house is located less than a mile away from the town of Hendersonville, which is nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina. In a safe learning environment, students are given structured guidance as they carefully journey towards a life of independence. In our unique model, students seamlessly transition from a highly supportive environment to immersion in the community as they their work on their goals. Beacon is a highly individualized program and is committed to providing specific services that are consistent with each particular young adult's needs. Learn More...

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As young adults grow in our program, their relationship with their parents evolves to reflect their newly discovered self reliance, self advocacy, and self confidence. This process is supported by a team of knowledgeable professionals, all of whom are passionate about helping your young adult move toward independence. Click more to learn about our team

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The admissions process consists of four basic parts: phone contact, referral, interview, and admission. For more information about our admissions process please read more here

Why WNC?

Western North Carolina is home to many attractions and possibilities, especially for someone exploring adulthood. Being in an area that has a variety of opportunities can be very beneficial to a young adult. Many of the young adults in the program have been able to find something in the area, whether it be a specific group, company, church, or attraction that allows them to fulfill their individual interests. Read More...

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