Residential Program

Beacon Transitions is an intentional living community that specializes in supporting young adults with learning disabilities, primarily autism, in learning the skills necessary for independence. Through our program, students are offered an opportunity to work on developing a plan that highlights their interests and skill level, as well as helps strengthen the skills they need to work on. We accomplish these goals through a variety of services in our program.


We are a highly individualized program committed to providing specific services that are consistent with each particular young adult’s needs. Every person learns and grows differently. Each young adult comes into our program knowing that they are learning at their own rate, and that is completely acceptable.


All residents who come into the program start at the residential level but will move progressively towards independent living once they can demonstrate the skills required to do so.


Residential Program: Our most comprehensive package of services is often the best fit for residents who are in their initial stay at Beacon Transitions and who need substantial supports. This is our entry level in the program. When our clients are residents in the main house, we have ample opportunities to assess and teach the skills that allow for a greater level of independence.


Supported Apartment Living: This level of service takes place in a property directly adjacent to our main facility. Residents participate in many of the same services and supports of the main house but live in their own apartment.


Off campus apartment living with case management: During this phase of the program, residents live off campus and continue to make progress on vocational, educational, and community living goals with the continued support of our professional and highly trained staff.


Skill Maintenance: Once a resident has reached a level of independence that demonstrates a continued rate of success with limited supports, the program will provide them with periodic support as agreed upon in their transition plan.