Local Support

Beacon Transitions now offers supports within the Asheville and Hendersonville area of Western North Carolina. Specializing in serving individuals diagnosed with autism or other learning disabilities, we provide services to help those who need assistance with any of the 5 content areas we cover in our program. In this way, community-based clients can get the support they need while maintaining their current level of independence.


We also offer services to other professional organizations who serve people with learning differences. Whether your agency is solely devoted to serving this population or you are an employer who is looking to provide jobs for people with learning differences, we want to help. We offer consultation and training that can be catered to your specific need.


As of now, the services that we provide are:




Free initial consultation – 30 minutes


Intake and assessment– $300 – Application processing, assessment and plan development. (the first 6 hours of services, prior to coaching)


Per hour life skills coaching –$45/hour One on one coaching in the home, focusing on home living skills, money managements skills, and health and nutrition skills, with a trained para-professional.


Per hour Vocational training – $45/hour includes evaluation, job shadowing, and job training.


Academic tutoring – $45/hour one to one training in the home or school environment focusing on developing executive functioning skills that support positive academic outcomes.


Case Management -$55/ hour to monitor services and staff


Group classes – $15/hour includes social skills training and pre-employment skills training in a group setting. One on one instruction and transportation not included.


Maintenance services – $25/ hour periodic visits, phone call, and emails to monitor maintenance of learned skills.


Group training and Progress planning– $100/ hour group instruction to include the parents, young adult, staff, and community support member , no less than 3 hours quarterly.


**Discounts are available with a 12 month commitment**


Professional Training

Professional training to other programs – $150/hour training, including the areas of transitional services, behavioral interventions, and life skills training.


Consultation package – Cost is individualized based on the program needs
Initial consultation
Program evaluation and recommendations
Group training
Individual Training