Health and Wellness

At Beacon Transitions,  we coach our residents in achieving and maintaining optimum health. Some components of optimum health take in-depth training, such as developing a proper exercise routine and monitoring nutrition. Other aspects of maintaining a healthy body could be as straight-forward as getting proper hydration and understanding its benefits (did you know, for example, that being properly hydrated has been shown to help with concentration?) In either case, many of our clients come to us needing guidance in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Subjects included in this topic area are:


Understanding basic information about types of nutrition (carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, etc.)
Knowing how food is best prepared for nutritional value
Knowing how what we eat affects us


Medication education
Understanding what is taken, why and how
Understanding the process of getting prescriptions filled


Medical awareness
Knowing personal medical history
Knowing how to make an appointment and fill out patient forms
Knowing when to seek medical attention and when to seek first aid
Knowing how to identify and respond to an emergency


Knowing the health benefits of proper hygiene
Knowing how to perform personal hygiene routines


Physical fitness
Knowing the importance of daily physical activity
Knowing how to engage in exercise in a safe and beneficial way