5 Areas of Independence

Entering the world of independent living can seem overwhelming for a young adult who struggles with learning differences. We have identified  5 content areas that are vital to the success of any young person working towards becoming independent.


Within each content area, we work with the clients and their families to develop person-centered goals. Each area is as important as the other. For example, someone with great money management and vocational skills could be greatly impacted by differences in communication and poor hygiene; leading to problems in the workplace and community that may make their life quite difficult.


Our five core areas of independence make up our weekly curriculum classes and help categorize the different goals that each resident is working towards.



The five areas of independence include the following:

Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Health and Wellness

Money Management

Home Living Skills

Vocational Skills


Within each of these areas, we make sure to give a generalized overview to all the residents, while at the same time diving further into each resident’s specific needs on a 1:1 basis. In other words, we cover each area with the entire group and spend extra time on specific areas for those who need it.  For example, every resident (and staff!) can benefit from general social skills class, but each resident will have their own social skills goals that they are working on independently.