Resident Profile

Beacon Transitions specializes in working with young adults who present with learning disabilities, generally in the form of autism spectrum disorder (ASD),who are looking to live a life of more independence. Whether our residents are just starting out after high school, or have experienced some of life’s roadblocks during their college careers or independent lives, we recognize that they need support in meeting incremental goals that support their long term plans. All of our residents have come to us with emerging skills in all areas of independence but need coaching and guidance from a support system that can help them become fully engaged.


Many of our students have similar learning styles, which supports the opportunity for them to learn from each other. As a program, we focus heavily on community awareness and development as a means to help an individual become successful. Our residents typically have difficulty instinctively connecting with other individuals, however they are able to recognize behaviors within themselves and others that they either like or dislike. This opportunity to learn from one another becomes a vital role in learning the core social skills that can help later on down the road.


Often we see our residents relating to each other around their diagnoses. A diagnosis, however, is not what defines a person. Our residents, beyond their diagnosis, are young adults who are learning about the world through their own eyes. As a community we emphasize that growing up is natural and that everyone has strengths and needs.


Here is our general resident profile for all individuals who take part in our program:


Between 18-26 years old.


Have been diagnosed (or presents) with autism, aspergers, learning disabilities or differences, or have strong social difficulties.


Have emerging and developed life skills.


Are stable on current medications.


Do not require intensive mental health supports.


Are not aggressive towards others or self.


Want to become independent and achieve personal goals.