Resident Life

Life at Beacon Transitions is often bustling with activity. Our residents are busy each day with a schedule that includes a variety of group and independent ventures. We try to limit “down time,” knowing that many of our residents will need to maintain several hours of activity at a time in their daily lives after Beacon Transitions. Keeping that in mind, we understand individual needs for breaks within the day, and try to accommodate those needs on an individual basis.


On top of each resident’s program and personal schedule, they are expected to live with their peers at the house and/or in apartments. This is really where our program can become an experiential learning opportunity for young adults who typically present with social awkwardness or avoidance. Many of our residents struggle to make connections in a way that is socially acceptable. We feel that our supportive, communal environment is a great training ground for those learning how to relate with their peers appropriately.


Every day, residents are expected to participate in maintaining a safe and clean living environment. This means keeping all of the living spaces clean, being knowledgeable about how to use household tools and appliances, and understanding general household upkeep. Every resident is developing and strengthening a set of skills that they need in order to live on their own, and that includes caring for they place in which they live.


Many of our residents need a supportive community that values and understands their differences. Communities like these foster a positive self-image and can be a forgiving training ground for some of the people we work with. We feel that the community of Hendersonville, NC is such a place. Over time, our staff and clients have made many connections with local businesses and other agencies in the area. In addition, we are conveniently located within a several-minutes walk to quaint, peaceful Main St. in downtown Hendersonville. Stop in for a visit sometime and see what we mean!


All of our young adults have the opportunity to develop relationships within this community through a rich variety of vocational, leisure, educational, volunteer, and social experiences. We provide the assistance students need to develop positive natural supports and self-advocacy skills, aiding them in becoming successful inside the program as well as in the community.