Family Relations

We understand that family and caregivers play an important role in the lives of their children. Often, the families of people with developmental disabilities have had to advocate strongly for their children in school and in the community.  Without your efforts, your children may not have fared as well as they have up to this point. You have invested much of yourselves in helping your young adult to be successful, and you want to make sure that your effort has not been in vain. We find that the family relationship and commitment is vital to success with Beacon Transitions, and we encourage you to continue supporting your children through this vital stage of becoming independent young people.


We stay in touch with families while their loved one is part of our program. Each client is assigned a resident advisor who is the primary contact for their family. Initially, families can expect a weekly phone call with the advisor and email updates. Our on-line portal will allow access to data that we have collected to mark progress. We feel that a participant benefits more fully from our program when their family can support and understand what they are working on.


The process of becoming independent can be a long and arduous journey. We have heard harrowing stories from our clients and their families about this process, and we have witnessed their challenges and their successes. We understand that families are paying careful attention to the progress that their loved one is making in our program, and we know the anxiety that comes with trying something new.


Knowing this, we ask that you remember our priority: teaching the skills necessary for our participants to be as independent as possible. This means that there are times when we may encourage families to take a small step back, take a breath, and trust in the process of the program.