It’s Aspergers, Not Social Skills Impossible.

May 28, 2016 1:00 am Published by

Often times, people will associate aspergers with the inability to have more socially acceptable social skills. While the typical social skills may not come readily available at a moments notice, individuals with asperger’s are capable of learning and applying the skills that help create meaningful and lasting relationships.


Difficulty with social interactions is the most prominent feature for an individual with aspergers, and can often lead to feeling isolated, anxiety, and an inability to relay important information. For many individuals, some of the best jokes, advice, and opportunities are not taken advantage of because of the struggle with social communication.


If this sounds like you, or you know someone like this, here is some advice. It’s not the end of your awesome world.


Sure, at the time it may seem like nothing can get better when you awkwardly comment on your crush’s shoes. You may get embarrassed when you speak your mind and forget to filter your words, but it does not mean that you cannot be a successful person both independently and with relationships.


With that, we want to give three simple words of wisdom for anyone struggling with social skills.


1. You CAN learn them. It IS possible.


Practice. Get comfortable. Recognize that you are going to make mistakes, but that it does not mean you it won’t flow smoothly one day.


2.  Surround yourself with people who get you.


Some people are not going to get you, and to be honest, that’s okay. Recognize that not everyone needs to be your best friend. They don’t even need to be your good friend. Once you find the people that accept your quarks, build those relationships and learn from them.


3. Practicing isn’t just for playing the piano.


Like learning classical music – some people get it right away, while others take time. Maybe you have a skill set that you picked up right away, but social skills seem to be the opposite. It may take time and a lot of practice to be confident with certain social scenarios, but like everything, it can be learned.

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