Many professionals refer clients to our program. We have worked with teachers, educational consultants, counselors, and other support professionals in determining whether our program is the best fit. As we invest our time and talents in supporting these young people along with you, we understand the bond that can develop between professional and client and the sincere desire to see them succeed. We are available to you by phone and email as you explore Beacon Transitions as an option for your clients.


We would be happy to talk with you about any questions or concerns not addressed below.

Please contact Kelly Stamey at or by phone at 828-713-9584.



What is your level of involvement with the family?
We initially schedule weekly phone calls with the family, we send weekly/bi-monthly updates and will allow access to their child’s data collection portal.  Over time the phone calls are reduced to an as-needed basis.


What functioning level are the residents at Beacon?
“Functioning Level” is an abstract concept that means different things to different people. We have found that it is more informative to give examples of a typical resident profile:

  • The full scale IQ of our students ranges from 80 – 100.
  • They do not require full support and can access the community independently for short periods of time.
  • All of the residents in our program need training in at least 4 of the 5 core areas of independence but show emerging skills in all areas.
  • Creative Independence is a realistic outcome for all of our residents.


What are funding sources for the program?

Presently the program is solely funded by private pay. There are some payment relief options available upon approval.


What does the cost of the program include?

It includes housing, food, training, and weekly activities. It does not include the cost of college courses or mental health supports.


Do you bill insurance?

We do not accept insurance.


Are home visits allowed?

Yes, residents are allowed to visit home based on their personal schedule. We do not recommend that any resident leave the program during the first 8 weeks. This is to allow our residents to adjust to the expectations and routine of a new environment.


Do you offer high school completion?
We support residents in completing their high school education through an online program, Apex Learning.  We can also support residents in completing their GED in conjunction with a community college.


Can my son take college classes?

Yes, there are two local community colleges and one local liberal arts college that are options for residents. Follow the links below for more information abut each:


Blue Ridge Community College

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College

University of North Carolina – Asheville


Do you allow electronics?

Yes. We have an electronics contract that stipulates the use of electronic devices such as video game systems, cell phones, and laptops. Each resident has a unique contract based on their needs and contracts will be negotiated upon admittance to the program.


What is considered short term residential?

For the first 2 phases of the program, short term ranges from 12- 30 months.


Do you provide mental health services?

We do not provide in house mental health supports. We work closely with each resident to better understand their mental health needs and support them in identifying a community provider that bets fits their needs.


Is staff at the program at night?

Yes, a staff member sleeps at the main house every evening in case of emergencies.