Why is Beacon Transitions the right fit for a young adult with learning disabilities looking to achieve independence?


We provide a safe, family-like living environment that empowers our residents by encouraging and teaching self-determination and independence. Our team is small and has frequent contact with our residents. This allow us to develop meaningful and supportive relationships with every young adult that we serve. Together, the staff at Beacon Transitions have over 30 years of combined experience in supporting young adults with learning disabilities. In addition to coaching our residents on areas of improvement for successful independence, we strive to provide an atmosphere of acceptance for individual differences, teaching understanding and appreciation of what makes all of us unique. Too often, young adults with learning disabilities are made to feel inferior or taught only to recognize their areas of need. While these are important areas to work on; at Beacon Transitions, we try to develop our resident’s sense of self-worth by helping them learn to recognize their strengths as well.


A Facility and Program Designed for Independence


Residents aren’t meant to be at Beacon Transitions forever. For the population that we serve, careful attention must be paid to how students generalize the important skills that they learn while they are here. Our four phases of service allow for students to experience a gradual transition to independent community living, with many opportunities for staff to assess the students’ acquisition of important life skills along the way.


While we aim for the maximum level of independence among our residents we understand that every person, regardless of ability, requires certain supports within his or her community. We seek to help our residents learn what supports they may need function at their highest level of independence, how to access these services, and how to advocate for the supports they need.


A targeted student profile


Beacon Transitions is not for everyone. Our goal is to develop a positive milieu that allows for each resident to learn and grow in a supportive and like-minded community. When helping to decide whether our program will work for you, we consider strengths, needs, temperament, interests, and other aspects of personality. These things are important when deciding if Beacon Transitions will be a “good fit” for two reasons: 1. We want to ensure that our level of service meets your needs, and 2.) We want to maintain a positive living environment for our established residents as well as our new ones. Personality differences are expected and accepted. Not all of our residents are “friends”; but they are all capable of being “friendly” towards one another. We find that this makes for an environment that is most likely to facilitate progress for all of the clients at Beacon Transitions.


We have compiled a list of several frequently asked questions put to us by future residents, parents, and professional helpers. To the right, you can click on what category you feel represents your role in a young adult’s life. If your question is not answered here, please contact us so that one of our staff may assist you further.