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“No Young Adult Left Behind”: Is “integrity testing” acting as a barrier to employment for those with Autism Spectrum Disorders?

November, 2013 Published by

By  : Beacon Transitions Often, they are called “Integrity Tests” by HR specialists at large employers. That may be what HR specialists call them, but for those of us who work on a daily basis with special needs  young adults seeking employment, we might prefer to call them “Screening tools that ought to be looked at with a lot of skepticism.” These quasi-psychological tests  are administered during the screening process, and ask a variety of questions, quite often they are social in nature. Some companies will not extend job offers to those who don’t pass the integrity test. The saddest... View Article

“Failure to Launch” syndrome; A common struggle for students with Asperger’s?

November, 2013 Published by

Do students with Asperger’s syndrome struggle more often with independence, and what should be done about it? The term “Failure to Launch”,   seems to have taken the parenting world by storm. For those that work in Young Adult Programs, such as Beacon Transitions, all sorts of theories have been put forward as to why  so many young adults are struggling in their first steps towards independence. The staff at Beacon Transitions  program for young adults consider it a priority to keep up to date on all of the latest theories and research. Some economists believe that the number of young... View Article

All I want for Christmas is efficient functioning in my pre-frontal cortex!

November, 2013 Published by

This zany holiday gift list is part of a series by  Beacon Transitions on holiday gifts that offer the theoretical possibility of being healthy for students with executive functioning or social skill deficits. It is not intended to be medical or therapeutic advice, but rather a springboard for discussion about how to support your young adult’s neurological health. Sure, your young adult might be asking for a new car this Christmas, but if executive functioning challenges are interfering with their independence, you may be worried about more than sky-high car insurance rates. What if there were some holiday gifts floating... View Article