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Gardening in the Front Yard at Beacon

July, 2014 Published by

In the spring of this year the young adults at Beacon Transitions decided to create a vegetable garden.  They started researching options by reading gardening books at the Hendersonville Public Library.  An immediate favorite was Mel Bartholomew’s All New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space.     This book was perfect for our needs.  Our schedule here is busy but there are many small breaks where we can tend to the garden.  Everything in Bartholomew’s system is measured and divided into grids and boxes just like all the checklists and tables we use at Beacon!  The next step... View Article

I didn’t meme to! 3 tips to help young adults with autism avoid making social mistakes online.

June, 2014 Published by

You’ve probably seen it;   A rude and possible offensive “internet meme” that you would never post to your Facebook wall. Yet, if you work with Young Adults with Autism for long enough, there’s a good chance you may have cringed when you saw the latest Facebook post. But just because a young adult has Asperger’s or Autism, it doesn’t mean they can’t make progress towards avoiding social pitfalls online. In fact because the internet is more mainstream than ever, young adults with ADHD, Asperger’s, and related learning difficulties need to work harder than ever to protect their online reputation. That’s... View Article

The proof is in the pudding; 3 overstatements about living with Autism that just need to go away.

May, 2014 Published by

Overstatement #1 “People with Autism have sensory issues that prevent them from eating a healthy diet.” Perhaps it would be healthier to say  “Many young people with Autism DO have sensory issues, and this CAN impact their diet, but with careful attention to reinforcement, the social environment of eating, nutritional planning, and presentation, most people with Autism CAN eat fairly healthy” The proof, in this case, was literally in the pudding.  Although it happened years ago,  I can remember like it was yesterday;  A parent  approached me at a special needs camp with a post it with perhaps a half dozen foods... View Article

What do young adults need to achieve independence?

April, 2014 Published by

The piece was a third of the size of a needle. But taking the extra time to troubleshoot a broken electric razor may be critical for a young adult with fine motor issues as he prepares for a job interview. Yet that’s not what helped our other resident. One resident we once had made the decision to return to college, in large part because of a lady-friend. Yet that’s not what helped our other resident. One resident we once had started going to the gym because of the “ripple effect” of getting a job. Yet that’s not what helped our... View Article

Young adults with depression, what do they need?

April, 2014 Published by

It’s not that the team  at Beacon Transitions doesn’t believe in counseling;  actually, quite the contrary.  When residents are working with a counselor, that feedback is incorporated into every resident review meeting we have, and we make every effort to seamlessly coordinate programming and therapeutic interventions such as counseling for young adults or psychiatry .  There is no doubt in our minds that supportive, understanding  relationships, coupled with therapeutic strategies such as reframing can do absolute wonders for a Young Adult with depression. But counselors can’t do it on their own. When we talk with any therapist for young adults... View Article

Three Ways Technology is Transforming Transition Programs for Young Adults with Autism, Asperger’s, and ADHD.

March, 2014 Published by

  Barrett Caton, residential coach at Beacon Transitions, a transition program in North Carolina for Young Adults. “As much as technology is addictive for students with Asperger’s, ASD, or ADHD, it also can help shape programs in powerful ways says Barrett, who heads up Beacon’s technology development. Barrett Caton has been working with Young Adults for years, and has personally noticed how rapidly Technology has transformed programs like Beacon, which remain committed to harnessing the tremendous power of technology to help students as they move towards a life of independence and success. Here are 3 ways that technology is transforming... View Article