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Creating core skills to help healthier habits

April, 2016 Published by

With the last frost hopefully behind us *cross fingers*, we can finally start to embrace the warm days and cool nights that spring in Western North Carolina provides for us. The Asheville area is known for it’s outdoor activities and opportunities to get in touch nature, which we have found to be extremely beneficial for our residents, whether or not they recognize that in the moment! For many of us, however, the colder months keep us away from those outdoor opportunities.   The majority of us can see a drastic difference in our own state of mind after being out... View Article

Keeping the “dream” in dream job.

April, 2016 Published by

Growing up, we always hear people talk about their goals of becoming an astronaut or being the first person to develop a life saving medicine. We are told that if we work hard, we can be whatever we want to be. For the most part, we are able to choose the direction of our lives if we take the steps to do so.   That is often easier said than getting done. We truly believe that if you want something so badly, such as landing a job as a technical engineer for a software company, than working your hardest can... View Article

5 easy ways to help reach your goals

January, 2016 Published by

I’m going to drink the recommended amount of water every day for the whole year. Starting tomorrow! Every year we get rushed through the holidays, only to be approached by a brand new year. A time to re-evaluate ourselves and create a hypothetical clean slate. It’s incredibly common to hear, “this year I am going to do” and then insert some incredibly difficult goal that makes everyone around giggle ever so slightly inside. I say let them giggle. New Year’s resolutions are awesome. I’m a pretty big fan of setting up goals and figuring out different ways to achieve them.... View Article

The Trick or Treat Transition

October, 2015 Published by

It’s the time of year where spiders, pumpkins and less-than-scary ghosts fill the advertisements in all corners of our every day life. Originating from the Celtic ritual Samhain, Halloween has evolved into a multicultural tradition  that is anticipated by many, regardless of age or location. As a child, we dressed ourselves in various characters, often scary, which is then rewarded by the adults in the form of candy and other little presents. As a society, we have evolved the once family focused holiday into a cross generational event where all ages dress up to impress. Trick or treating, however, has... View Article

The reality of not knowing

December, 2014 Published by

As we wave Thanksgiving break goodbye and prepare for the next wave of Holiday events, we can use this time to recognize what family interactions went well, and what could have gone better. For a lot of people, time spent with the family is desirable, especially if it doesn’t happen all the time. There are, however, many individuals who struggle around the holidays specifically because of family interaction. Every time I work with an individual who is about to go home for an extended period of time, I like to ask 2 basic questions.         What are five things that... View Article

Do I really need this?

November, 2014 Published by

At one point or another in our lives, we have stopped ourselves mid purchase of an item and asked ourselves “do I really need this?”. Whether it was that 60% off seasonal shirt, kitchen accessory, or an impulse sugary goodness near the register, we have all done it. With the responsibility of having a job, paying bills and managing life activities, comes the additional bonus of the ability to indulge in ones desires. Unfortunately, those desires tend to be present both before as well as after bills and the more important financial decisions. Temptation is, and will always be, a... View Article

Dog- sense makes sense; Could volunteering at an animal shelter help young adults develop social skills?

July, 2014 Published by

There was something about the way that puppy  drew the corner of his lips back when we approached him to sweep around his cage. Sure enough,  we took one more baby step, and he let out a growl that would make even the most seasoned dog-whisperer think twice.  The location was Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville NC , and I was helping a young adult from Beacon Transitions orient to his volunteer position as part of his path towards independence at Beacon Transitions. Dogs may growl, but ultimately, these furry creatures are a much safer place to learn and... View Article