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Autism and young adults: The new age of acceptance.

June, 2016 Published by

Over the course of a couple of decades, many parents have learned to work with their child’s diagnosis through elementary school, all the way up to high school – if that route is even possible and beneficial for the individual. The struggles of the “bad” days and the joyous events of the many wonderful days can leave a parent living solely in the moment while raising a child on the autism spectrum.   If an individual has many supports and opportunities within the school system, most of the time those fail to continue through when he/she begins the most important... View Article

It’s Aspergers, Not Social Skills Impossible.

May, 2016 Published by

Often times, people will associate aspergers with the inability to have more socially acceptable social skills. While the typical social skills may not come readily available at a moments notice, individuals with asperger’s are capable of learning and applying the skills that help create meaningful and lasting relationships.   Difficulty with social interactions is the most prominent feature for an individual with aspergers, and can often lead to feeling isolated, anxiety, and an inability to relay important information. For many individuals, some of the best jokes, advice, and opportunities are not taken advantage of because of the struggle with social... View Article

How volunteering can better your chance of getting a job.

May, 2016 Published by

About 99% of the time that we as a residential program mention volunteering to new residents, we get – at the minimum – a slight groan. We know, volunteering can sound pretty uneventful and possibly boring to a young adult male.   For many of our residents, however, volunteering becomes the pathway towards independently working in a paid position. Not many employees are willing to open their facilities and operations to a person with absolutely no experience; let alone pay them. Volunteering helps create vocational skills within the work place setting with just a tad less demand that a paying... View Article

3 tips to teaching social skills to people with Autism.

May, 2016 Published by

  A few years ago, one of our staff had a theme of “today in the dog park” throughout a social skills class that he taught. At the beginning of each class, he would open with an awkward social moment that happened while he interacted with people there. Sometimes it was something he did or said, and other times it was what other people did or said. Some of the scenarios were slightly embellished for story telling purposes, but the example itself was 100% true. Right away, he was able to connect and level with his listeners. The hidden message... View Article

Responding with mindfulness.

May, 2016 Published by

As you may read on our Facebook and Twitter posts, we as a program find various mindfulness practices to benefit our young adults in many different aspects of their life. From one on one to group exercises, we have seen the benefits of using these techniques to help behavioral and general anxiety related issues among our community. From breathing techniques, to focusing on a specific emotion, we work with each individual in finding a mindfulness tool that directly benefits their way of thinking.   Mindfulness, in a simplified version, is paying attention to the present moment without judgement. While initially... View Article

Skill development and anxiety.

May, 2016 Published by

    We have all been there. It’s the evening before your big speech and all you can think about are the negative possibilities of what you think may happen. For the majority of us, public speaking is the most common form of social anxiety. Everyone has felt anxiousness, so whether or not you have an anxiety disorder, we can all relate to the symptoms to some degree.   For 18% of the population, anxiety related disorders create life altering obstacles beyond your everyday shyness. Typically this develops in early adulthood or adolescence and can seriously hinder the ability to... View Article

Take pride in your soup for breakfast.

April, 2016 Published by

What’s does a 17th century still life painting of a pot roast and 17 year olds Instagram of their home made taco have in common? The art of showcasing your food. Besides the difference in time and the advanced technology, the drive to show your food to your peers has been cross generational.   Nowadays, many people have grown up with cooking shows, celebrity cooks, and associating fine dining with being a successful adult. Technology, as a whole, has allowed for more information to be obtained by the masses, and instead of being what was previously a limited trade, it... View Article